Luxury rehab

Our Facility & Admissions

At Eternal Purpose Recovery, we craft our admissions process to make clients feel both welcomed and taken care of. Once clients walk through our doors, we start with an initial consultation to get personal details and recovery goals. From there, we create a customized plan for recovery. We understand each of our clients are different and we strive to create individualized plans to treat the exact needs.

Excellent Accommodations

At Eternal Purpose, we pride ourselves on our luxury environment and peaceful setting. We add all the little extras to make our clients' stay feel more relaxed and comfortable. From our pool and landscaped outdoor spaces, to our world class chefs, we provide all the accommodations so our clients can focus on healing and recovery.

Time to Reflect

We believe in healing the mind, body and soul. We encourage our clients to take time out of their busy lives to come connect with nature and heal from within.

Excellent Trained Professionals

We take addiction seriously here and have highly trained staff to help lead our clients on the road to recovery. All our staff is trained in addiction recovery techniques and are here every step of the journey to sobriety.


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Our Licensed addiction specialists in the State of California are here to help you. We are here for you at any time, call to speak with a friendly addictions advisor right away. Seek professional help and your life of sobriety can start now.

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