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Eternal Purpose Recovery Center is dedicated to helping people recover from addiction and substance use disorders. We not only help our clients go though detox, but we aim to address the underlying issues that can lead to addiction. By going through out treatment program, we strive to help clients restore their wellbeing, and live a life of sobriety. We not only help our clients detox and recover but also teach proper aftercare.

Our evidence-based treatment services help clients thrive to live of fulfillment through acceptance, support and treatment. We teach skills that are necessary for life after recovery, so every individual will thrive during and after their stay at Eternal Purpose Recovery Center. Recovery begins with a single step of getting the right help and making the first phone call.  We are here to help with your journey.

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Treatment In Southern California

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Deciding to get help is the first step to recovery and often takes courage and strength. With the right help, full recovery is possible and finding the right rehab facility will help you reach a healthy and successful outcome. Our approach uses a variety of services and techniques to help you acheive long lasting recovery and wellness.

Premiere Addiction Treatment In Southern California

All of our treatment services aim address the underlying root of addiction as well as treat the addiction itself. We provide the skills and tools needed to regain sobriety and take the reigns of your own life. 

Eternal Purpose is a full scale recovery center providing quality services and care.

We treat all types of drug and alcohol addiction as well as address the underlying conditions.

We offer personalized Detox and Residential Inpatient services to fit our clients’ needs.

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Detox and Inpatient Services

All of our treatment services begin with detoxification of the drugs or alcohol that our clients are addicted to.
In order to create a foundation of lifelong recovery and sobriety, detox is an essential step. Our Residential Inpatient program is fully supervised to ensure the highest quality care is given.


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Our Licensed addiction specialists in the State of California are here to help you. We are here for you at any time, call to speak with a friendly addictions advisor right away. Seek professional help and your life of sobriety can start now.

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